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xplore solutions

xplore serves as a wide, robust data solution infrastructure. Powered by xplore we provide a wide range of data driven solutions and services to our customers

IT Data discovery and system analysis

Data discovery

and system analysis

As part of our data mapping and system analysis services, we use xplore to integrate and map data sources to provide full dat transparency as well as recommendations how to use it for downstream systems such as: Operational Data Store, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence


Data Governance data dictionary
& ERD documentation 

Using xplore we visualize and capture information on all data elements used by the company and align them with the business terminology. Our services includes leading data governance and data dictionary creation on existing data stores using our platform.

Data Analysis, operational reports, ad-hoc analysis

Data Analysis, operational reports,

ad-hoc analysis

Instead of running complex, expensive and risky BI project while benchmarking dozens of tools use xplore data analysis. xplore provides a simple query interface anyone can use and implement a set of reports in a self-serve mode.



Information system reporting solutions

We have established pre-packed reporting solutions to common ERP and CRM systems that are integrated and mapped by xplore.

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