Using and sharing data

Perform pivotal and visual analysis, export and analyze your data via excel, expose it as a web-service and share it with other users as an xplore object, PDF, HTML, CSV and more

xplore captures and analyzes all queries and usage patterns in the data layer and aggregates it to the company, business unit and individual level. Using machine learning techniques xplore recommends the scope of data most relevant to your business needs.
No more complex universes, frameworks and data models - xplore is tailor-made to your needs.

the xplore platform

xplore serves as a single platform to organize your data. By combining A powerful master data management (MDM) engine and cutting edge business intelligence (BI) technology, xplore enables an end-to-end self-serve approach.

End-to-end data discovery approach 
Data playground

xplore playground supports data discovery in a natural, interactive and intuitive way while ensuring you avoid data issues and errors that could bias your conclusions.

Adaptive - Simplifies Maintenance 

xplore is live with your systems and adapts with your data stores as it evolves. xplore automatically adds new objects ,excludes deleted objects and recommends new relations and aggregations on your data layer. 

Available Anywhere on top of your data

Our 2-tier data layer architecture separates the meta-data used by our engines from your actual data, so wherever your data is: on premise or in the cloud, xplore can discover and analyze it. xplore can be deployed in the cloud, as-a-service or fully on premise.

Focus on what’s relevant
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